New Zealand - Tahr hunt by Mike Trenholm

August 08, 2016

New Zealand - Tahr hunt by Mike Trenholm

Here’s a field report from the toughest hunt I've ever been on! As you may know, New Zealand hunting can be easy or adventurous. As Theodore Roosevelt said, " Adventure is travel with difficulties." Our NZ hunt was tough, fun and rewarding. A true adventure, with only difficulties of roads blocked by giant rock slides and the 1500' to 3000' of vertical trekking I did up to 3 times per day! Now for a guy that just turned 59, it was TOUGH.

I did it with great success on Tahr and Chamois.

I carried and used my tripod and bipod the entire trip. I found the lightweight and strong characteristics of your products enables me to first, stay safe on some extreme vertical climbs and created a stable platform for shooting the game taken. Some of the vertical I climbed and traversed required the use of all three legs of the tripod as a sturdy climbing pole. The slope often times pushed an exceeded 40 degrees. And then there was skiing down over 1000' of a scree field that the tripod was used as a rudder to steer, maintain balance and fend off larger rocks that could not be "skied" over.

On the day I took my tahr, we climbed steeper and higher than I had ever done. We got above the cloud line in an area of the station even the guides had not been to nor hunted. Near 5 hours of climbing and glassing put us into a position where I used my bipod to take a beautiful full mind mature tahr with 13" horns. The shot was only 270 yards and it only took one to put him down. Trouble was we were at the top of the mountain and darkness was fast approaching.

The tripod stick proved invaluable as the descent was not as difficult due to the nature of the terrain, however it was nearly as steep!

I also used the tripod on a couple evenings when we hiked up into an area to sit looking for chamois that were known to come down a rain forest draw in the evening. It was great to have the ability to leave my rifle on the sticks enabling me to freely glass and be prepared for an immediate shot if they had appeared.

This hunt really made me appreciate the extreme light weigh of the Spartan equipment and even more importantly, the strength. The areas we climbed were very extreme and I was scared more than once when I looked back and down over what we had passed.