Update for Spartan followers

March 03, 2014

Dear Spartan followers;
Thanks for your continued feedback and please do keep it coming. It is really important to us that we are producing a quality piece of kit that meets your demands.
However, there is always room for improvement, but this can only be achieved with your help and feedback. We are delighted to have so much good positive feedback but equally the suggested improvements are what we need to hear too.
To prove we are a company that does listen to our customers, let us tell you what improvements we are working on now.
First and foremost a new design cant lock. This is 5mm larger in diameter than the current version. It locks the cant with ease, even with a gloved hand and we think it looks better too. For any of you customers that already have invested in a Javelin, please contact us with your details and the serial number of your Bipod and we will send you a replacement F.O.C. as soon as they arrive.
We are working on new adaptor plates to cover more rifle types.
We have listened to you about the need for a well designed stalking stick system that works using the same adaptor plates as the Bipod. We are working on it. Keep an eye on the website for more news on this. We are confident that our customers are going to really like what we are working on.
We have committed to making 1000 units in the next batch as orders have completely depleted our stocks.
So sorry if you are one of those customers now waiting for your Javelin, but we hope to have caught up with all production and outstanding orders within 4 weeks from now or sooner.