Getting to Norway for Villmarksmessen was interesting

Dear Spartans
Latest news.
Getting to the Norway show has been an interesting trip. Had to Spartan our way out of being arrested in Holland for having 3 dummy guns which in Holland are illegal. The police in the end were good guys and told us that they hadn't seen them and even suggested where we hide them.
This was indeed useful info as 8 hours later we were stopped again. Had to open the back but this time it was different; the policeman ​was a rifle shooter and already owned an Atlas. We converted him by giving him a Javelin and he sent us on our way a very happy policeman indeed.
Watch out furry beasts of Denmark, someone's got a Javelin!
It's a long way to Norway but we Spartans will stop at nothing to show our new fans what we believe is a great product.
Keep the comments coming. Remember we listen to our customers and if we need to change or modify our products, YOUR input is crucial.
Keep following our progress on the site and social media.
Happy Hunting.