Day one at Scandinavia's main field sport event

March 27, 2014

storm trooper will like our space technology bipodToday we discovered that Vikings take their hunting very serious and really know their game.  All the best brands are at the show so it's a great opportunity to get hands on with the ultimate equipment. The show was fairly quiet so it gave us a chance to spend more time with visitors to the Javelin Bipod stand.

We met about a hundred people who wanted to see the Javelin and most were interested in the design, it's unique features, when they can get one and what else we're making.  Many were excited to see the integrated rifle adapter version we are developing.  Top of the wish list was sticks which we're currently developing.

If you are coming to the show, please drop by as we'd love to get your feedback on the Javelin.

mental note: we must show this storm trooper our space technology heritage