Spartan invited back to SOCOM

January 26, 2015

After a hectic 3 days at the Shot Show in Las Vegas we drove to San Diego to see the US marines at SOCOM.  The marines have been testing our bipods for a few months as they wanted a super lightweight bipod for their special operations.

We took our new Modular Stick and Tripod System for them to see and test on a few of their weapons.

The tripod weighs approximately 600grams and is incredibly stable once you put the rifle on top.

Here you can see the picatinny adapter is mounted mid ships so the weapon will happily balance.  

The tripod has a top ball joint s you get a huge amount of movement in every direction whilst being really stable.


Notice the little hook below the top section;  this is to either hang your backpack (improving the stability) or for gralloching

Here's a development bipod fitted to an AR15.  It has a wide yoke to lower the centre of gravity, excellent cant and rotation, plus a new trick, the legs fold up.  This is an early prototype which was used by professional stalkers recently who loved it!

The tripod is in the background with it's legs retracted for sitting.

Keep an eye on our socials, news and product pages as we'll be launching them very soon.