Kapita, the ultimate support for your hunting

April 20, 2015

Dear Spartan followers

We are delighted by the feedback you are giving us concerning the Javelin Bipod. Global interest and sales are really increasing every month now, so much so we have had to take on more Spartan Gnomes to help us meet demand.

The next product from Spartan about to be released is the Kapita Rifle support system. Again using our "world patented" magnetic attachment this promises to be a "Game Changer" for those hunters serious about their gear.

This is a modular system that can be used in any number of ways. Firstly it can be used as a Tripod, Sticks and even as a Mono pod. The system allows the shooter to take shots up or down hill and follow targets, all, without moving the support system. It can be used on very uneven ground without the need to adjust leg length as the magnetic head section is a ball joint.

The Kapita will also support your other equipment.  We are making adapters for Binoculars, Spotting Scopes and Cameras.  

You will only need to take one lightweight ,compact support with you in future to cover nearly every eventuality.

The Kapita is made of the same high spec carbon as our bipods, is ultra lightweight (about 650 grams) , incredibly strong, yet collapsible (about 65cm) , so can be stored in your gun box and even taken on as hand luggage for those trips abroad.

The Kapita uses the same adaptor as the Javelin Bipod.

The system is modular so the legs can be removed and replaced with different sets;  regular for sitting to standing and a mini set for lying down up to sitting.

The legs can also be removed and used as trekking poles saving you yet more expense and extra weight on those long hunts.

multi purpose as tripod, sticks, bipod and monopod

We at Spartan like to take our time and really put our products through the mincer before we release them.  Our remit is simple, "make gear that is functional, durable and free from gimmicks that we want to use ourselves".

Being hunters ourselves means we carry out our homework thoroughly . Even when we are happy, our products then go out on test with professional hunters and beta testers. Only after this do we go to production. Given it takes a full season to test our products this does mean that we are slow cookers, however the results will be worth the wait.

the lightweight compact hunters kit


Keep an eye on the website Spartan followers as the Kapita is close and very much on target!