Spartan introduce the Niggeloh Javelin Sling

June 01, 2015

The Javelin has changed the way many think about the use of bipods.  We've heard all sorts of novel places to keep it from in your boot, belt, jacket and backpack but these often mean it's inconvenient.  The jacket pocket is perfect but we don't always have a good deep pocket free.

We came up with the idea of mounting it on the sling.  A simple enough idea we thought so we approached the nice people at Niggeloh.  They are the best in the industry and we thought the Javelin deserved the best holder so we asked if they could design a sling which holds the bipod.  

Niggeloh very quickly saw the potential for this new type of product and made us several prototypes.  Their team of designers really understood the brief for a simple quick pocket for the Javelin.  They exceeded all our expectations with some really novel design features.  

The sling has 2 long pockets for the Javelin so you can carry your rifle barrel up or down.  

The sling looks very stylish in brown calf leather and matching neoprene pockets.  It features Niggeloh's excellent quick release fasteners

We announced our partnership with Niggeloh at shows in Germany, UK, Norway and Sweden and have a long list of back orders before we even went into production.  To pre-order yours check out the Niggeloh Javelin Sling in our web shop here