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Rokslide.com Review of the Javelin

Javelin Bipod Rokslide Review 1


The Javelin Bipod

The Javelin Mkll 6.5"-9.5" is a truly unique bipod. It doesn't attach to your rifle and fold like most bipods, but instead uses a magnetic post that interfaces with a socket type adapter mounted to your rifle.

They make a few different adapters to mount the bipod to your stock; a flat adapter, a curved adapter, a picatinny adapter, and a gunsmith adapter which requires a permanent installation in the forearm of your stock.

I went with the flat adapter which simply replaces your front sling swivel stud and installs in a few minutes.

The Javelin pans really easy due to the attachment system which makes it really nice when using the sitting length legs for coyote hunting or other times when game is constantly moving 

The leg height adjustment is a twist lock setup like you find on hiking sticks and tripod legs. There is a tilt feature with a nice "tri-winged" nut for setting the tension.

With a weight of only 5.25 oz. the Javelinis truly a great choice for the ounce counting backcountry hunter. Even with the sitting length legs it only weighs 6.9 oz!

The feet have sharp tungsten points that are covered with removable rubber caps which will give you solid grip on just about any surface.

Retail is $296.76 for the model I tested, and the sitting length legs are an additional $88.00.

A side benefit to the bipod not being attached to the rifle like most is you don't have the extra weight hanging on the fore end if you have to take an offhand shot.

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