Update from a professional Javelin user

Just an updated review on how I have been getting on with your fab bipod over the past year and a half. Firstly it is still in perfect working order, which considering the abuse it has had is good going as I manage to break most kit very easily!

The javelin bipod has become part of my essential shooting gear, because it is so robust I can chuck it in the truck and know that if it gets knocked into the footwell or buried under tool boxes when I grab it to go stalking or take a shot off the bonnet it will always work. 

Other bipods that I have used are not as reliable the sprigs ping off or the tension screws get lost. The great thing about the javelin being so light and compact is I can carry it in my pocket when out stalking and when I go to sit up a high seat I don't have a bulky attachment on the end of my rifle that catches on the rungs of the ladders and gets in the way of resting my rifle on the rail to aim it properly.

I have used the javelin extensively whilst shooting off the back of a vehicle, I have shot probably in excess of two thousand rounds through a rimfire and centrefire rifle lamping rabbits and foxes. My favourite feature is how the bipod swivels which makes it great for tracking moving targets, you don't have to keep lifting the rifle up and repositioning it.

I have not experienced any problems with the magnetic fixture it has always stayed firmly in the fitting even when deployed and bouncing around the fields. I wondered when I first started using the javelin if it would provide a solid enough platform to zero off as the only contact between it and the rifle stock is the small magnet but it is more than stable enough even to take shots at longer distances.

The only slight modification I have made is to glue the rubber end caps on. This is a shame because they are really nicely finished but when they got mud and dirt on the inside of the cups they didn't stay on tightly, when I was shooting off the bonnet of the bosses new 4x4 one of the end caps had come off and I put a nice big scratch down the paintwork with the metal point, I don't think he was too pleased!

I am really pleased with the performance of my javelin bi-pod and recommend them to anyone looking to buy a bipod. I am sure I will get a lot more use out of it and look forward to trying some more of your products.

Many thanks Ben Mason