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Hannah's Lazy Pie

Today we are welcoming our Queen of Sparta, the boss Hannah, into our recipe collection with her very own Lazy Pie. Between long days at the Spartan office, weekends spent competitively clay shooting and taking her huge clan of dogs out, Han doesn’t have all that much time left over for cooking. However, one dish she will make again and again is Lazy Pie - give it a try, it's a real crowd pleaser. The basis of the pie is venison, either shot by Hannah or her fiance, so you can be sure it had a very happy life in rural Sussex. This should feed about 4 people, but if you've had a long day out on a hunt then I am sure a couple of you could polish this off yourselves!

In a heavy bottom pan, fry off 500g of venison mince and drain the fat. Next, add in 1 finely diced onion and as many garlic cloves as you want (we don’t judge here). Once the onions are soft, add 100g of chopped mushrooms and 1 can of chopped tomatoes.  Once that is simmering away, pour in a good glug of red wine, add a beef stock cube and some frozen peas. Season to taste with salt, pepper, oregano and thyme. Once it is reducing nicely, chuck in half a bag of spinach, take it off the heat and add the mix to a good sized cooking dish. For a delicious creamy flavour, chop up half a tub of ricotta cheese and spread that evenly through. To turn your delicious venison mix into a venison pie, take some filo pastry sheets, lightly brush them with butter and scrunch them up. Put these on top of the pie and you'll have yourself a really crunchy topping.

As everything else is cooked, all you're waiting for is the pastry. Put the pie into the oven between 180 and 200 degrees until the pastry is golden brown and the pie beneath is bubbling away. Serve with seasonal veg for the ultimate autumn warming dish, and a big glass of Pinot Noir.

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