Spartan Range Day

After a week of excellent sales and hard work, our Spartan queen Hannah decided to take us all down to her beautiful home for a day of range shooting. Hannah lives on an estate managed by her fiance, deep in the rolling hills of the South Downs, which is the perfect secluded location to fire some rounds in peace and quiet. We arrived at Hannah’s home, loaded up the trucks with rifles, ammo and targets and headed into the hills. We stopped deep in a valley, where we knew we could shoot completely safely with no one around. 

We fuelled up on cake and coffee before we got shooting. At Spartan, our team’s past rifle practice varied considerably, and Mr G took this into careful consideration before we began. Some have been shooting deer all of their lives, others have never even picked up a rifle. We had a clear line that no one was allowed to walk ahead of, a designated spectator zone for those that weren't shooting, and strict instruction for those less knowledgeable to never shoot without someone to guide them. 

Targets were placed at a variety of distances away, ranging from 100m to 500m. Everyone got to have a go shooting off different rifles, including a Sig Sauer Cross and a Sako M10. We lined up the rifles on all of the Spartan rifle supports - the Lite, a Pro Hunt Tac and the Valhalla for our bipods, and the Sentinel and Ascent for our tripods. We also configured the Sentinel into a pent system later in the day to feel the change in stability from three legs to five. It was great for all of the Spartan staff to understand the products that we sell. Though we build and package up the items, it doesn’t fully give you a feel of what the products actually do, and what makes Spartan so special. 

I began with Mr G on the M10. I have shot with him since I was a child and was first handed a rifle by him many years ago, so feel completely at ease with his guidance. I had been a little nervous at shooting the M10, but on the Valhalla it couldn't have been more stable, with a lot less recoil than I had worked myself up for. A credit to Spartan’s engineering! I had shot off an Ascent and Pro Hunt Tac before, but never used the Sentinel or the Lite. The Lite was a pleasant surprise to shoot off. Having been so used to the Pro Hunt Tac with its leg lock and rapid adjustment in the legs, I didn’t hold the highest expectations. But with a Sig Cross on top, it held well, the legs stayed firmly apart, and it felt like an incredibly stable shooting platform.

After a long morning of practice, we stopped for an amazing BBQ lunch of venison burgers, cheese and a splash of red wine. The sun was shining and we all basked in the last of the warmth for the year. Although the Spartan team is already a tight knit family, it was so enjoyable to be able to spend some time together out of the office, helping each other and having a laugh. There really is nothing better than working with such a harmonious team. We spent the last few hours of the day practicing on new targets, challenging ourselves to greater distances and laughing as Mr G and Nick, two of the most competitive men in the world, came up with whatever challenges they could assign themselves. 


It was an amazing day of learning, laughing and enjoying the outdoors. To many more Spartan range days! 

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