Sentinel Tripod™

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We developed the Sentinel System for hunters who simply cannot miss and need the most stable and versatile shooting system. Configurable as a monopod, bipod, tripod, the Sentinel system can not only be used with a broad range of rifles but can be adapted for spotting scopes, thermal imagers, night vision spotters, anemometers and other devices.

Made from very high-grade aerospace aluminium, the head unit and swivel mechanism use our patented magnetic system for secure attachment. Multi-layered, high-grade carbon fibre is used to make legs that are not only stronger and stiffer, but 60 percent lighter than aluminium.

  • Smooth and stable 360-degree arc of fire with a wide range of elevation and depression and cant adjustment

  • Detachable legs for use as trekking poles that can be fitted with trekking pole handles and snow baskets

  • Lightweight, durable and strong. Easy to carry and quick to deploy

  • Aluminium hook to receive weights and further increase stability for long-range shots

  • Fully adjustable legs, with durable tungsten carbide tips with tethered synthetic boots

  • Head unit interchangeable with three height tripod options, each with extendable legs

  • Optics and Heavy Optics adapters for use with devices with a standard ¼” female camera thread

  • Compatible with the full range of Spartan adapters and supplied with attachment adapter (select from the popup window at checkout)

  • Can be fitted with a Blaser ball joint for use with Blaser adapters (please leave us a note at checkout if you require this).

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