Classic Rifle Adapter & Picatinny Rail

  • Lightweight and low-profile, this adapter enables our range of Javelin bipods, Sentinel and Ascent tripods, as well as the Davros heads to be attached and detached with ease to rifles with dual sling stud mounting points. A section of Picatinny rail allows the adapter to be used in combination with other third party accessories. It also features a Quick-Detach (QD) sling stud point to mount slings with ease.

    • Enables use of our Javelin Bipod in fixed target and traversable hunting modes

    • CNC machined from 7075-T7351 aluminium billet with a hard-anodised black finish
    • Secure QD sling attachment point

  • Weight
    25g / 1oz
    Overall Length 95mm / 3.7"
    Maximum Stud Spacing 63.5mm / 2.5"
    Spartan Javelin Bipods, Ascent and Sentinel Tripods, and Davros Heads
    Included Hardware 10-32 UNF Locking Nut, M5 x 15mm washer, 10-32 UNF X 3/4 Low Cap Head Screw, 10 Gauge x 1" Wood Screw, 10/32 x 1/2” Engineering Screw, 10/32 x 5/8" Engineering Screw and 10/32 x 1" Engineering Screw