Keeping a bipod off your rifle can give you an edge

Thank you for expressing your interest in joining the Spartan Guides and Outfitters Program. Joining the Spartan team comes with a huge number of perks, ranging from highly discounted gear, to advertising on our social media pages, and a close relationship with the team here. We want to make sure you are just as happy as we are with the relationship between us, so we will always be there to listen to your questions and requests. At Spartan, we are incredibly proud of the name that we have built for ourselves, and want to be sure that those who join our tight knit family are just as keen to keep the Spartan name in good stead as we are. Because of this, we have a thorough vetting programme to make sure that our Guides are the right fit for the team. We are a personal company, and the most important thing to us when others are joining us is that their ethos and values match ours.

Please fill in the form below and a member of staff will get in contact shortly. You will need to have a photo of your guide licence, a recent pay stub and proof of insurance with you.

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