Press Releases

We think the Javelin is a game changer, but don't take our word for it.

Sporting Rifle "A ground breaking advance in stalking equipment" - Dominic Griffith 


Sporting Rifle "10 out of 10" - Arild Støen


Sporting Rifle "We're predicting a flood of interest in this new product" - Peter Carr



Shooting Sports "Is this the ultimate rifle support system, I reckon so" - Howard



Gun Mart

"When you're pausing for breath half way up a mountain it's sure to feel like money well spent" - Jules Wicker


"It could become a universal fitting much like the QD swivel stud is today, pre-fitted at the factory" - Peter Moore


"A little helper, for accurate and precise shooting when you need it. Because of it’s weight and size, it’s just there… your pocket!" - Arild Støen