Which adapter do I need?

We make adapters to suit nearly every rifle.  We include a FREE curved, flat or gunsmith adapter with your purchase of the Javelin bipod, so you just need to decide which one.

Curved Adapter

The general rule of thumb is if the underside of your stock at the QD stud position is more rounded than a golf ball, then select the curved adapter.  The curved adapter only suits lighter slim hunting rifles such as Sako, Blaser, Sauer, Mauser, Kimber.




Flat Adapter

The flat adapter will suit less rounded stocks such as Tikka, Remingtons and other heavier, wider stocks like the GRS.






Gunsmith Adapter

For a truly integrated solution the gunsmith adapter is bonded into your stock. This is suitable for wood, synthetic or carbon stocks. Drill a 19mm hole in the stock and bond the adapter with bedding glass or a structural epoxy. If you're not confident about this task ask a gunsmith on our friends list or try your local stockist


Picatinny Adapter

This adapter is for picatinny or weaver rails. It comes with titanium torx machine screws and is very compact. 

The picatinny adapter is not a free option and must be purchased separately



Our adapters are not suitable for the Blaser bipod. If you have a Blaser bipod and want to use it on another make of rifle contact us here for our Blaser gunsmith adapter.