Universal Guide Adapter

Our 'Universal Guide Adapter' is machined from 7075 Alloy, and is intended for a temporary fitting to most rifle platforms that have an under stock sling swivel stud fitting.
This makes it ideal for the professional guide, hunter or instructor that does not want to alter their own, clients or students rifle.
The Adapter accepts both our 'Javelin', Spartan '300' Bipods and 'Sentinel & 'Kapita' tripod units.
It is provided with 3 different synthetic plates to accommodate most rifle stock profiles.

  • Intended to fit the 'Spartan 300', 'Javelin' and 'Sentinel' & 'Kapita' tripod systems
  • Light weight option ( 31g / 0.7ozs inc screw & plate)
  • CNC machined from solid 7075-T7351 aluminium billet. with stainless steel pin
  • Easily fitted in under 2 minutes
  • Fitment does not alter the rifle.
  • Hard anodised black finish
  • Accepts the attachment of standard rifle sling swivels
  • Designed to fit a broad range of rifle stock profiles
  • The 'Javelin' bipod can be fitted & used a fixed 'Target' mode as well as as the traversable 'Hunting' mode