Javelin Pro Hunt Tac Bipod®

  • Designed for hunters who cover large areas, often in mountainous and wooded terrain, the Javelin Pro Hunt Tac is carried in a pocket, holster or pack and can be deployed in seconds thanks to the Spartan Magnetic Attachment System. Spring-assisted Tac legs that can be adjusted quickly with one hand combine with cant adjustment to ensure a level and stable platform. A traversing function tracks moving targets and a leg lockout feature helps overcome challenging angles and steep terrain.
    • Spring-assisted Tac legs for easy one-handed height adjustment and flexibility in varying terrain
    • Track targets with the traversing function or use in locked target mode

    • Cant adjustment for uneven terrain

    • Leg lockout feature that holds the legs open until released by the user

    • Modularly designed to accept a range of different legs for different shooting positions and terrains

    • Durable tungsten carbide tips with tethered synthetic boots to enhance grip on all terrains
    • Made from 7075 hard anodised aluminium and high-quality carbon fibre for light weight, corrosion resistance and strength
    • Compatible with the full range of Spartan Classic adapters
    • Supplied with a classic rifle adapter kit to attach bipod to most conventional hunting rifles

  • Standard Long
    Attachment Spartan Classic Adapters Spartan Classic Adapters

    215g / 7.6oz

    236g / 8.3oz
    Cant 15° left and right 15° left and right
    Traverse 30° left and right 30° left and right
    Ground Clearance 17.9cm - 23.2cm / 7” - 9.1” 22.8cm - 31cm / 8.9” - 12.2”


No problem. We make rifle adapters for a broad range of accessory rails, including Picatinny, M-Lok and Key Mod. These are available separately from the adapters collection on our website. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about installing a Spartan product on your rifle.

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Yes, all models of the Javelin bipod have been tested with calibres up to .300 Win Mag. Shooting off carbon provides improved recoil management over conventional metal legs.