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At Spartan, we strongly believe in the importance of preserving the tradition of hunting for future generations, and we are committed to ensuring that this way of life endures for years to come. To achieve this goal, we work closely with hunting associations and wildlife conservation groups to align our efforts with the broader goals of preserving wildlife and natural habitats.

We understand that hunting is more than just a hobby; it is a way of connecting with nature, learning about the environment, and building strong relationships with friends and family. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing the necessary resources, education, and support to ensure that hunting remains a safe, sustainable, and enjoyable pursuit for generations to come.


Blood Origins was born out of an innate need to protect the environment, conservation and hunting for its founder Robbie Kröger. A South African native, Robbie witnessed first hand just how important conservation is to the incredible animals of his country - numbers of the big animals in this incredible country have continued to dwindle rapidly in recent decades. He is also acutely aware of the necessity of trophy hunting to fund the conservation of these animals. There is a real beauty in bringing an animal home to feed your family, and this is a luxury that is lost on a lot of people who don’t understand. Blood Origins funds and supports a variety of projects from all over the globe, ranging from rhino protection, feeding and educating children at school, to providing free range wild meat to homeless people in the USA. Blood Origins views no project as off limits - if it's supporting people or wildlife, they are keen to help. Robbie puts himself at the forefront of this fight for our rights and Spartan is proud to support him.


Beginning in the 1970’s, Sportsmen’s Alliance has continuously led the fight to defend American’s rights to Hunting and Fishing, which have been increasingly encroached on as the years pass. They are acutely aware of the importance of conservation for the survival of wild animals, the necessity of dogs in hunts and shoots, and the indisputable need for protection for all from anti hunters. They have fought relentlessly against legislations that could harm hunting rights, and serve to educate Americans all over the country on the importance of the world that they do. At Spartan, we vehemently believe in conservation and the necessity in education to maintain and protect our animals, and we proudly support Sportsmen’s Alliance and all of the work that they do.


Camo Dreams have made it their mission to take kids in such unfortunate situations, and give them and their family the time to really appreciate the outdoors and what it has to offer. They provide incredible days out of a variety of hunting and fishing opportunities, as well as food, lodging and transport to and from wherever they want to go. We really believe in the integrity of this charity, and applaud them for going against the grain when it comes to children charities. They provide an experience most can only dream of. We believe every child deserves the opportunity to experience what the outdoors has to offer, and hold Camo Dreams and their endeavours close to our hearts.


Articles, videos, podcasts, recipes and more covering hunting, fishing, wild foods, conservation and everything in between.


From stalking bighorn sheep in the Rockies, competing with the wolves for caribou in the high Arctic, and run-ins with massive moose in Newfoundland...if the challenge is there, so is The EDGE. The EDGE is a hunter's ultimate pursuit to push his limits to conquest over nature or face defeat.


Greg and Willie Duley go on epic hunting adventures and showcase the magnificence of New Zealand's mountains and game animals.