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javelin bipods®

Ultralight Quick Detach Hunting Bipod

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TRIPODs & shooting sticks

Lightweight & Versatile



Unrivalled Quick Detach System Designed For Hunters.

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Valhalla Bipod®

Long Range Precision Bipod

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“When it comes to packing lite without sacrificing , for me its the Javelin lite or the Pro Hunt bipod's! Hands down the best system I have ever used. Sturdy, fast and reliable, its for when seconds count, for when accuracy is of the utmost of importance.....Javelin bipod for the win!”

Steve Ecklund - Next Level Hunter, Cabela's Ambassador and Host of The EDGE TV show

“Spartan makes the best hunting bipods I've ever used. The design is simple and elegant and tough as hell. You don't know it's there until you need it. And when you need it, you're glad you have Spartan.”

Steven Rinella - MeatEater TV

“The Javelin bi-pod is best in category equipment, I have used this bipod exclusively for years and they just keep getting better. For lightweight packable stability there is no other choice.”

Ryan “Cal” Callaghan - MeatEater TV

Tripod heads

Convert Your Tripod To The MagnaSwitch™ Attachment System

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Lightweight Designs Give You More Energy To Manoeuvre Through The Backcountry

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Get The Most Out Of Your Spartan Support System



Mount Your Spartan System On Other Rifles

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