• For the past 12 months I have been privileged to test the Kapita tripod on behalf of Spartan during the development period of this excellent bit of kit.
    As a professional deer stalker I have used the Kapita in a variety of situations, stalking both wild deer in woodlands and managing park deer herds. The Kapita provides an incredible level of stability to shoot from a standing position. When stalking on foot in woodlands speed of target acquisition and stability is key to success, the Kapita provides both.

    Darren Phizacklea

  • Most of my rifle shooting is pest control on various farms and estates. Depending on the location, I might shoot off the back of my truck, of sticks or off a bipod. I've always found shooting off sticks awkward with a bipod attached. Plus, walking around with the gun over the shoulder with a bipod digging into your back is no fun! Enter the Javelin Bipod! What a great innovation.


  • I have now had a good chance to play around with the Kapita tripod and I am very impressed. I think it is great with the two or three legs attached. It is very light, strong and user friendly. It has performed extremely well in the field giving a very stable platform to shoot from and quickly! I love the ability to choose between sticks (solo/bipod/tripod), short bipod or indeed the rifle on its own and in seconds you are ready for any shot. I think they provide the ultimate flexibility and all high quality products.


  • The Javelin fits all of my requirements for a multi-purpose bipod, I have magnetic attachments on the stocks of all my rifles and use the bipod 24/7, on my deer rifle morning and evening when stalking, on the rimfire during the day and for lamping foxes at night. I particularly like the way I can use it when lamping because I take about half of my shots off of the wing mirror when I don’t want a big chunky bipod getting in the way but when i can get out and take a shot of the bonnet all I have to do is quickly snap in the bipod and it stands perfectly on the landy bonnet.
    The Javelin bipod is a tough bit of kit, I have dropped it, trod on it, left it in the mud for two days (accidentally) and it even stood up to being chewed by the dog.

    Ben Mason

  • It is a state of the art bit of kit that does not, rust, has no nuts bolts or springs to work loose or catch on branches, and is ridiculously lightweight. I use a 6x47 mm, 257 Roberts and a .17 Fireball for my shooting. All are fitted with Javelin adapters so no swapping around and only one bipod. The Javelin has cant and swivel, takes seconds to mount and is deployed just prior to taking the shot, if you have to move the rifle when in the prone position it is SO easy.

    Jim Creedon

  • I want to give you high compliments as an engineer on the design and craftsmanship of this bipod. It is extremely lightweight, compact and silent in operation and very easy to connect and disconnect from the rifle mount. Even though it is at the high end of bipod prices, the fact that you can own one bipod to service multiple platforms makes it very cost effective. So far I have only had the opportunity to use it at the target range, but the advantages for field use are obvious, in that you dont have a bulky, spring loaded bipod hampering you as you negotiate through the brush. 


  • This Bipod is fantastic, I could go on about how quick and easy it is to attach and detach, how stable it is , how light it is , how nice it is to carry it in your pocket and not on your a Rifle and how nice it is to have one Bipod that fits all your different caliber Rifles, but you already know that.


  • Hello Spartan!I received my Javelin Bipod recently and have had a few chances to try it out now.  The "Universal" adapter works very well with both my flat-bottomed MDT chassis and my CZ 455 Varmint.  The bipod itself is sturdy and SUPER light. The magnet system holds it firmly to the rifle, but not so firmly that it's difficult to remove. When off of the rifle, I just put the bipod in my shorts pocket and forget it's there.  Excellent piece of gear, and I'll be picking up more adapters for my other rifles!

    Jason Folkers - Texas, USA