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Hercules Tripod

The Hercules Tripod is expertly crafted to provide unparalleled stability for long-range shooting with big-caliber, high-energy rifles. Using our LR adapter series ensures a quick attach solution and a secure locked-in position for your rifle, allowing you to shoot with unrivaled accuracy. Experience the Hercules Tripod's exceptional performance in any environment, delivering unmatched stability and precision.

Uncompromised Strength and Stability

Constructed with hard-anodised black 7075-T7351 aerospace-grade alloy and multi-layered carbon-fibre, the Hercules Tripod was tested in harsh environments to military standards, handling calibres up to .50 BMG.


Quick Detach With Our LR Adapter Series

The adapted Spartan 12mm attachment with an added clamp ensures unmatched stability for long-range precision shooting, securely clamping rifles onto a fixed point. Unlike conventional attachments, it enables rapid detachment in high-speed environments.


Integrated Ball Head

The integrated 38mm ball head delivers a stable base and a high range of articulation for long-range shots at extreme angles. Fine-tune with ease using the ergonomic friction control lever.


Use Prone To Standing

Versatile leg pitch positions for seamless standing to prone transitions. Easy-to-adjust oversized latches adapt effortlessly to positional shooting demands, with ground clearance heights from 9.75" to 63.25".


High-Performance Locks

Four-part legs with high-performance twist locks to make easy height adjustments.


Modular Head Design

The modular head design allows easy adaptation for various rifle, optic, camera, and accessory platforms. Attach third-party ball or pan heads to the included 3/8”-16 industry-standard optics module.


Grip On Any Terrain

Durable tungsten carbide tips with tethered synthetic boots for grip in different environments.


Removable Legs

Removable legs can be used as trekking poles and shelter supports.



Weight 5.5lbs / 2.5kg
Ground Clearance 9.8” - 63.4” / 25cm - 161cm
Traverse 360°
Cant 45° left and right
Elevation/Depression 45° ±
Ball Diameter 38mm
Portrait / 90° Mode No
Ball Locking Yes
Packed Diameter Ø 4.5” / 11.6cm
Packed Length 28.5” / 71.5cm
Number of Leg Sections 4
Leg Pitch Positions 4
Calibre Rating Up to .50 BMG
Max Load Capacity 88lbs / 40kg (First leg pitch position, fully extended and firmly connected to the ground)
Mounting Options Spartan LR Adapters - Picatinny or Arca