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Picking the Right Spartan Bipod

Written by: Spartan Team



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Spartan Precision Equipment offers three distinct bipod families that are optimized to meet specific purposes. With the intended shot range, firearm type, and terrain in mind, this article will help you think through which type of Spartan support system will be your best fit.

Bipod families:

Javelin (includes a Javelin Lite and Javelin Pro Hunt Tac model)





  • They all feature a common threaded leg design that allows complete leg units to be fitted and removed or exchanged for an alternative style of legs

  • Legs are constructed out of high-quality carbon fiber

  • All bipod legs have removable rubber boots which cover sharp tungsten carbide tips (both boot and tips are serviceable items if required)

  • At least 10° of cant so you can adjust side-to-side on uneven terrain

A close up of the Spartan bipod feet


The Javelin and SpringBok bipods use the MagnaSwitch™ Attachment System. This enables them to be attached and detached in seconds to the rifle stock/rail using the entire range of our proprietary Classic Adapters.

A bipod being magnetically mounted to a rifle using the Spartan MagnaSwitch attachment system.
The Spartan MagnaSwitch Attachment System

There is a specific Valhalla spigot adapter that is compatible only with M-Loc or Picatinny accessory rails.

The Spartan Valhalla bipod being attached to a rifle.

Javelin and Valhalla bipod bodies are CNC machined from 7075 aluminum billet, which is hard anodized for corrosion resistance. The SpringBok has a flexible silicone body with internal spring steel wire.


The legs on Javelin and SpringBok bipods do not fold up. These bipods are designed to be removed from the rifle until you need it, and only take a second to attach. With the Valhalla, you can detach it from a quick release spigot mount, or keep it attached to the forend and rotate the legs into a folded position.


Our entry level model is the Javelin Lite, which comes with fixed non-height adjustable legs and a simple magnetic leg hold-open system.

A hunter using the Spartan Javelin Lite Bipod

Stepping up to the Javelin Pro Hunt Tac gets you a mechanical leg hold-open system and the advanced Tac Legs. These are a two-part adjustable, spring-assisted mechanical locking design. They are operated by depressing a small lever on the lower leg. This section is spring-loaded, so by slightly unweighting one of the bipod legs the height can be very quickly and incrementally adjusted. Valhalla bipods also come with this same Tac Leg.

Bipod legs quick adjustment

SpringBok bipods have a silicone body that enables rapid shooting position changes and cant compensation without the need for mechanical adjustment. With some flexibility built into the silicon bipod body, you manually spread the legs out as far as you need to achieve your desired height or adapt to uneven terrain. The two-part legs also have a twist lock adjustment to give you a second option for creating a level shooting position.

A hunter using the Spartan SpringBok bipod.

With the Javelin family you can get the lightest bipods, ranging between 4.8 - 8.3 ounces. SpringBok bipods are physically longer, but the simple design still keeps weight down to 10.6 ounces. For a long-range precision style product, the Valhalla is still remarkably portable at 13 ounces.


The Javelin and SpringBok bipods provide the ability to traverse the rifle 30° left and right. The Javelin bipod can also be fitted into the rifle adapter in the reverse position so it is fixed (no traverse - ideal for range work or longer shots) There is no traverse built into the Valhalla as a tradeoff for maximum stability.

Working Heights:

  • Javelin Lite ground clearance is7 ¼” with fixed legs


  • Javelin Pro Hunt Tac ground clearance is 7 - 9” (Standard) or 9 - 12” (Long) withnotched spring-assisted adjustable Tac Legs


  • SpringBok ground clearance is 19 ½ - 38 ½” with twist lock adjustable legs


  • Valhalla ground clearance is 4 ¾" - 8 ¼" with notched spring-assisted adjustable Tac Legs

Intended Environments:

Javelin Lite 

This featherweight product is best suited when lightness and simplicity are the primary considerations. If you are stacking on the miles and counting every ounce you carry, this bipod stows off of your rifle in a pocket or one of our specially designed holsters until you need it. The low height of the Javelin line lends itself best to prone shots, and resting atop a backpack or boulder. You will also find this is the most affordable entry point into the Spartan product line.

A hunter using the Spartan  Javelin Lite bipod.

Javelin Pro Hunt Tac

Select the Javelin Pro Hunt Tac when you need the extra security of legs that lock open and can rapidly change length. The height adjustment lets you easily create a level shooting base, which is especially valuable in steep mountains with extreme shot angles. 


Many mountain hunters choose this bipod because of the combination of low weight, ability to store it off your rifle, and the leg height adjustability. If you’re debating which is the right choice within the Javelin family, here is a guide that further explains the differences between the Javelin Lite and Javelin Pro Hunt Tac.

A hunter using the Spartan Pro Hunt Tac  bipod.


If you need to take sitting or kneeling shots to get above the brush, this is where you want to look. This is an extremely practical support system because the flexible rubber body lets you make quick and silent shooting position changes without any mechanical adjustments. It’s designed to be used at short - medium ranges where versatility in movement, tracking moving game, and adapting to the terrain is the top priority.

A hunter using the Spartan SpringBok bipod.


Optimized to provide an incredibly stable platform for hunters and long-range precision shooters, the Valhalla attaches to tactical style rifles with Picatinny or M-Lok rails. It can be folded under the rifle, or removed in an instant for storage and transport. An intentional weight tradeoff was made to create an even more robust bipod with a wide stance and low center of gravity that is capable of supporting hunting style up through heavier tactical rifles. Choose this option if you need the best tool for shooting long range, desire the most stability for your hunting rifle (and are willing to pack a few extra ounces), or you want a Spartan bipod that can stay on your gun.

A hunter using the Spartan Valhalla bipod.