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United States

Ascent Tripod - Now Available

Spartan Precision Equipment has added to its extensive range of shooting and observation accessories with the release of the Ascent Tripod to provide backcountry hunters with the ultimate rifle and optics support platform. 
The Ascent is engineered from 7075 aerospace grade aluminium and multi-layer carbon fibre to optimise strength and lightness. With an emphasis on versatility and full of features to help deal with any terrain, the tripod is designed to help hunters exploit every opportunity.
Weighing just 1.5kg and measuring only 66cm when fully contracted, the Ascent will fit easily into a backpack but has polymer carry handles as well. With legs that extend three times via rugged twist-locks to a maximum height of 158cm and four different pitch positions, the Ascent can be used in any position from prone to standing. The spiked tungsten feet ensure a firm foothold in soft ground and can be covered with durable polymer boots for purchase on rock and other smoother, flatter surfaces.
The central yoke features easy to deploy lockable catches to set leg positions that will not slip, and an easy to grip knurled collar adjusts and locks a central column that not only allows fine corrections to be made but contains a 10-piece multi-tool.
At the top, the Ascent has a 3/8” thread to accommodate any compatible device or ball-head. However, it works best in conjunction with Spartan’s patented magnetic attachment system, such as the Davros mount, to give rifles, spotting scopes, anemometers and other devices a 360 degree field of operation with a wide range of elevation, depression and cant adjustment.
To broaden the Ascent Tripod’s versatility and adaptability in the field further, the carbon fibre legs can be removed and used as trekking poles or as supports for the Spartan Tent.