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One piece of advice often comes up from serious mountain hunters – don’t cheap out on glass. It’s better to “buy once, cry once,” as I have heard Nolan from JOMH say, than to “buy three times, cry three times,” as many have realized. What I seldom hear talked about or mentioned is the importance of what holds that glass in place or helps your lead flinger get set up and stabilized. The easier and more comfortable settling in behind the glass or gun becomes, the better prepared you are to place the shot on that once-in-a-lifetime ram. 

Suppose you spend your load on the glass but have a tripod made of popsicle sticks. What good is that in heavy wind or after a couple of impacts when strapped to your pack?

Last year we connected with Spartan Precision to put the Javelin Pro Hunt Bipod and Ascent Tripod to the test through a proper set of hunts in Northern BC, from the August 1st sheep opener to a pocket full of tags late September fly-in hunt. 

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