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Jake French - Corsican Sheep Hunt

Every now and then you run across products that allow you to do more. In the case of the Sentinel tripod, it gifted me the priceless opportunity to hunt again. 11 years ago a freak accident paralyzed me from the collarbone down, and it tore a hole in my heart to think that I would never hunt again. Years of physical therapy have allowed me to regain about 50% function in my arms and hands, but I still can’t hold up a rifle to shoot. The Sentinel tripod changed the entire game.

Last year a Corsican sheep hunt was donated to me in Utah. A crazy looking all terrain wheelchair was also provided, but still I needed to find a way to support my rifle in the field. When I had a gunsmith adapter installed in the forend of my Cooper 6.5 Creedmoor, a world of possibilities opened up. Now I could easily pop my rifle onto the magnetic attachment of the Sentinel tripod head and have the forend of my rifle supported. It was easy to adjust the tension so that the gun could move around on uneven terrain, yes still remain incredibly stable for long shots.

Even the best piece of gear doesn’t do you any good if it’s so cumbersome that you leave it in the truck. What made this tripod so valuable on our hunt was the ability to swap out a spotting scope, binocular, and rifle on top in seconds without having to turn any screws or change any mounts. One lightweight piece of gear served three needs.

After half a day of bouncing around with my tracked wheelchair through the sweltering heat , we spotted a ram bedded under a juniper tree. It took a bit of sneaking around to find a shooting lane through the shoulder-high sage. My brother threw up the tripod, popped my rifle onto the magnetic attachment, and I rolled my wheelchair into position. 120 yards seemed like nothing because even with my limited hand mobility, all I had to do was hold the buttstock against my shoulder and use the backside of my knuckle to pull the trigger. The feeling of being able to hunt again helps me to focus on what I still can do instead of what’s been taken away. I’m beyond grateful to have gear that allows me to still pursue my passion!