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OutdoorLife Ascent Tripod Review

After bursting onto the ultralight hunting gear scene a few years back with their Javelin bipod, Spartan Precision Equipment has rapidly expanded and evolved their products. Starting with ultralight bipods that featured carbon-fiber legs and a proprietary magnetic socket attachment system, they quickly gained popularity and added tripods to their lineup. They started with the Sentinel Tripod, and most recently introduced their next iteration, the Ascent Tripod.

Good tripods range in price from expensive to outrageous, but depending on your application, they can be worth every penny. Some of this value can only be determined through time afield, and after getting ahold of an Ascent last summer, I was eager to see how it would perform when put through the ringer of a fall hunting season in Alaska.

Read the full review here (https://www.outdoorlife.com/gear/spartan-precision-ascent-tripod-review/ )