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United States

Charles Atkins - Shoulder Replacement

I have a few testimonials about kids that were able to harvest animals for the first time as a result of your products. I also have a few from the gifts I have given to men that are extremely well-travelled and successful hunters, that I gifted your products. They were all somewhat pleased with each gift, but soon became avid fans.

However, this testimonial is all about me! I had a total shoulder replacement seven weeks ago and still am not able to lift over ten pounds for another three months. However, this still allows me to carry the Sentinel and be able to set up for a shot without doing damage to my shoulder. Additionally, I would not have been able to ensure I could take an ethical shot without the Sentinel, due to the instability of my shoulder. The main focus of my hunting trip was to treat the University strength coach that volunteered his time for three years to prepare me for surgery. The fact I could be with him as he harvested a deer, and also was able to join the fun only happened as a result of your products.

Currently, I have two tripods, numerous bipods, a few suction mounts and just purchased a couple of Davros heads. I sent the attached picture of the deer to a fellow hunter today, and his response says it all. He told me he was going to text me, as he started his six-year-old son on the Sentinel recently and his son is shooting less than 3” crossbow groups at 50 yards.

I apologize for being overly verbose, but your products have been instrumental in helping me improve personally, help me bring the next generation into hunting and give gifts to thank those accomplishes hunters that have helped me along the way.