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United States

Gary Harrison - Stalking in the Scottish Highlands

In 2018 I bought the Sentinel Tripod, as well as the Javelin Bipod, intending to use them for stalking in Scotland on some challenging hills and steep gullies.

Weight, as you can imagine, is a big factor when stalking on the hill, and was a real factor in my decision to go with the spartan equipment. The bipod is simplicity in itself, and not being permanently attached to the rifle makes it ideal for this kind of stalking, and in particular, when pushing through gorse etc, the fewer things to catch, the easier it is!

In addition, approx 10% of my shots are off a bipod only, so I don't see why I should have a heavy bipod on the rifle when I don't need it. However when I can use it, it is such a dream to use, click, and its on, and ready to take the shot. I took a very nice buck at around 200 yards from prone, and the bipod was steady, and performed exactly as I expected, afterwards a simple click and off it came to go and recover the beast.

Later the same trip I used the tripod to help take a number of other deer, and the lightness of the tripod, and how I set it up was a real factor in giving me the confidence to be shooting off the tripod at 180 yards plus.

When I purchased the tripod and bipod I added an extra rifle adaptor, so the bipod one goes on the front of the rifle where the sling attachment goes, but the other I was able to fix on the balance point of the rifle, in my case just forward of the magazine. 

This gives me the confidence to mount the rifle, and as its already balanced, there is very little movement of the rifle when on the tripod, in fact, I can (unloaded of course) balance the rifle and step away from it, but this is just to prove that it can be done. Set up like this the shooting position is very stable.

I found out the tripod is very strong! After discussing with the team at Spartan, they advised they are able to take a good bit of weight, and as you can see a roe deer can be just about hung from inside to assist in the bleeding of the carcass. It would be even easier for a CWD, or Muntjack.